About us


Increasing the representation of women in information and journalist programs and during business conferences.

Polish women are well-educated and ambitious. Among them, there are a number of great experts whose opinions and commentaries rarely got through to the media. The objective of the campaign was to promote the women experts in the media and business life. One of the main elements of the campaign is an interactive database thanks to which editors of journalist programs, journalists and organizers of conferences have direct access to successively expanded list of 270 women from different areas of science, administration and economy who are prepared for public speaking.

The campaign ambassadors include among others: professor Danuta Hübner, EU MP, professor Jerzy Hausner, member of the Monetary Policy Council; professor Bolesław Rok, Director of the Center of Business Ethics and Social Innovation at the Leon Koźmiński Academy; Stanisław Kluza, former Finance Minister and former chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority; Katarzyna Kacperczyk, Undersecretary of State at the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Paweł Graniewski, former deputy president of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The patronage over the campaign was taken by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry Of Economy, Ministry of Administration and Digitization, Warsaw Stock Exchange and European Commission.